We are a legal practice specialising in criminal law – white collar crime and tax offences in particular.

As specialists in criminal law, we do not accept any mandates outside this field. Our practice areas include, first and foremost, individual defence briefs at all stages of criminal proceedings, including defended and non-defended hearings, appeals on points of law as well as constitutional complaints in all matters of criminal law. In addition, we regularly act as witness counsel in criminal proceedings and internal investigations and appear before investigative committees.

We advise companies on all aspects of the core areas of criminal law, as codified in the German Criminal Code, as well as the supplementary penal provisions outside the Code, Our expertise also extends to the rules governing confiscation under criminal law and the defence against asset recovery and disgorgement.

Whenever legal questions outside the purview of criminal law arise, we have access to a broad-based network of practitioners from other areas of law.
What’s more, in cross-border investigations, we also cooperate with legal experts in other countries.


Prof. Dr. Tilman Reichling

German Lawyer
Specialist Lawyer for Criminal Law

Dr. Johannes Corsten

German Lawyer
Specialist Lawyer for Criminal Law

Ludwig Klose

German Lawyer

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Commercial criminal law

Criminal tax law

Asset recovery