Administrative offence proceedings under antitrust law

The defence against allegations of administrative offence proceedings under antitrust law is traditionally the domain of antitrust law specialists, as this is a highly specialised field with numerous idiosyncrasies. The legal situation is shaped by European regulations and directives and, in its practical application, the specifics of the industries involved. Naturally, legal experts who work exclusively in this area have a far greater level of expertise.

We regularly contribute our procedural expertise to these proceedings, as the prosecution of antitrust breaches is based on the German Administrative Offences Act, which in turn refers to the German Code of Criminal Procedure. With our know-how in this area and our experience in handling “challenging” investigators, we assist those personally affected by antitrust proceedings, as well as corporates involved, from searches of their residences or business premises via the trial before the antitrust division through to an appeal on points of law to Germany’s Federal Court of Justice.